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untitledFlash Mob America makes the booking process quick, and hassle-free; whether it’s for a corporate event, or a surprise wedding proposal, we take care of everything.
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•    Surprise Engagements & Weddings
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Flash Mob America has been the ONLY trusted coordinator and production company for Chicago’s biggest events and presenters:

In a city like Chicago, IL, with so many major events happening every month, it pays to draw a little extra attention to yours—to help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re hosting an event which could use a little extra EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, and SPIRIT, a flash mob is the perfect choice for you. Let us help you to increase awareness, make an impression, or just ensure that everybody has a great time!


Today’s corporate culture includes the use of a variety of events to explore new directions in marketing, build team spirit, or reward loyal employees for a record-breaking year in sales. If you’re planning a business retreat, hosting a conference, presenting a motivational speaker, or having a grand opening, a flash mob will get people excited and make your event—as well as its intended message—unforgettable. Flash Mob America created the idea of using flash mobs as brand promotion; let us put our ideas to work for you.


Sweet sixteen birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, baby showers, retirement parties, prom nights, and other milestone personal events are worth spicing up with a flash mob, provided by the team that’s responsible for popularizing flash mobs into the 21st century. Thanks to Flash Mob America, flash mobs are making appearances at public and private events all over the country, adding to an already fun time to make for an occasion that will generate fond memories for years to come.  


Sometimes, the size of an event isn’t what matters. Are you proposing to your true love, or getting married, or holding a small celebration to mark an important personal milestone for a close friend? Let us add a truly surprising element to the event—one that will have everybody laughing and enjoying themselves!




Our team has helped put together flash mobs for weddings, birthdays, and major public events! We’ve worked with clients like BMW, Universal Pictures, Disney, and Oreo to WOW and DELIGHT their audiences, while leaving them absolutely SPEECHLESS! Give us a call today, at 323-240-3040, or use our convenient online form to jumpstart the process. We look forward to making your event truly UNFORGETTABLE!

Why A Choose A Flash Mob For Your Corporate Events?

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Booking An Unforgettable Flash Mob Event

But why is a flash mob effective at corporate events? It is the simple fact that a true flash mob, with people brought together by social media and outreach for a single purpose, is a stunning way to spread one’s message at a single location, like in Chicago, IL. The right incentive and the right message can bring together people from our local area at a corporate event. And, once ordinary people have heeded your message, nothing builds a brand identity faster than encouraging further investment in the event you have created.

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