Do you do Interviews?

Of course! To determine if it’s the right fit, please email Melissa at

Why don’t you have a phone number on your website?

If we did, we’d need a call center! We spend the majority of our day on conference calls, or in the studio, so all calls must be scheduled. This way you have our undivided attention! For simple questions, we have found that email communication better helps our staff stay mutually informed about each event.

Please email Melissa at with any questions you have.

How do I find you on Social Media?

Facebook Fan Page: @flashmobfanpage

Twitter: @flashmobamerica

Instagram: @flashmobamerica

How do I find Staci?

Facebook Fan Page: @officialstacilawrence

Twitter: @shugro

Instagram: @shugro

Can I add FMA to my mailing list?

Because of the large volume of email we receive every day, we appreciate not receiving mass mailings. If you would like FMA to support your cause, we will accept a personal email at detailing exactly how you would like our support. If it is a cause we can get behind, we will let you know.

Does Staci do Speaking Engagements?

She does! I do. It’s me, Staci, writing this right now. I travel around the country leading Teambuilding presentations for some pretty cool companies and organizations, and I also speak to some pretty cool teenagers, (hopefully) inspiring them to face their fears and lead with love and bravery.

You can find out more here:

To inquire about inviting me, please email Melissa at

I just have an idea for a flash mob I want to share. Where do I send it?

Please email Melissa at

Can I request that FMA comes to my city?

Yes! Email us at and let us know where you live and what you are envisioning.