Do I need to be a good dancer?

No! Flash Mob America is open to anyone of all physical capabilities. You do not need to be a trained dancer to participate in our events. You do need to learn the order of the moves and attend at least one rehearsal. You are free to make the dance your own and put your own style to it.


I’m in a wheelchair. Can I participate?

Yes! If you’d like us to, we can modify the choreography for you at rehearsal. Please email us at FMAjoy@flashmobamerica.com so we can discuss wheelchair access at the rehearsal space and venue.


What do I wear for the flash mob?

Most of the time you just wear your regular clothes, whatever you feel most comfortable performing in. Sometimes we ask for specific wardrobe. For instance, you may need to look like wait staff, or wear a jacket to cover up a free T-shirt to reveal.

 If there are no wardrobe directions, it is always safe to assume, “casual family friendly.” We never like to see T-shirts with profanity.

 Check out the “EVENT REVEALS” page for more details pertaining to your specific event at http://www.flashmobamerica.com/event-reveals/.


What do I wear if we are going to be on TV?

For televised events, we ask that you do not wear logos, solid white, bold patterns, or stripes.


What’s the location of the flash mob?

You will not get an exact location of the flash mob until you dance at rehearsal on the day of your event.  


Why can’t you just tell me the location?

To maintain both the element of surprise and a safe, positive environment, we only give out the general area of the flash mob beforehand.


But where is it?

We can’t tell you.





Can you tell me what area in my city the flash mob will take place?

Yes, we can give you the general location area. Yes, we can give you the zip code.


I need to plan my work schedule for that day. Can you tell me what time it happens?

If we know, we’ll tell you. If we don’t have a solid time posted for the event, it is most likely because we haven’t locked down a time yet. We will get that information to you as soon as it is available.

Why do we get the information so late?

There are certain details that we cannot release until just before the event to keep the surprise authentic. There are also security reasons. Sometimes we don’t get certain details until the last minute as well.


Will there be a video of the flash mob?

Yes. Most of the time we have a camera crew there to cover the event. Sometimes there is no budget for a camera crew, so bystander videos will be the only ones that exist. Often times our Sponsor will film it themselves and we always request a link or copy.


Where are your videos posted?

Our videos are posted to our Youtube channel at http://Youtube.com/flashmobamerica You can also find them on our website at http://www.flashmobamerica.com/videos


Is the flash mob rain or shine?

We are usually rain or shine. In most cases, we will hold for the rain. It is rare for the event to be cancelled, but it has happened.


Will I be paid to dance in the flash mob?

The majority of our flash mobs are on a volunteer basis. We will tell you if the event is paid.


How much will I be paid?

If the event is a paid gig, we will split the money among all of you who actually came.


What are “Tools?”

The Tools are those things you need to prepare for the performance. Dance videos, MP3s, Lyrics, etc.