How do I learn the dance before rehearsal?

There will be an instructional video on Youtube for each flash mob. When it is ready, a private link will be emailed to everyone that has registered. You can also check to see if the instructional video for your event is available. We ask that you do not post these videos online.

How many rehearsals will there be?

We will host one rehearsal the day of the event. This is typically scheduled at a nearby dance studio and will be available 4 hours before the performance for a 3 hour window.

The on-site producers will determine when everyone feels comfortable enough to stop rehearsing so you may want to keep that in mind if you are planning on coming later.

Though it’s not required for participation, it is highly encouraged because this is where everyone gets to meet each other, get help if they need it, and find out more event details. In many cases you’ll even meet the Sponsor, which is always exciting when they have pre-proposal jitters. =)

You can always check the “Event Reveals” page to see rehearsal details for your event at

What if I can’t make the rehearsals?

If you absolutely can’t make it, please text the on-site producer, or email to get the location details.

Our Sponsors typically REALLY want you to rehearse, but we can’t require it and it definitely will not exclude you from dancing.

Can I arrive late to rehearsal on the day of the event?

Yes of course. If you know you’ll be late and you want to let us know, you can email us at

What if I can’t print the forms or I forget them?

It helps us save time and resources when you bring your own copy, but we understand you might forget, so we will have copies on-site, just in case.

Do you provide snacks or water?

We will provide water. You are free to bring your own snacks, but if we are providing food, you’ll be the first to know.