How do I learn the dance before rehearsal?

There will be an instructional video on Youtube for each flash mob. When it is ready, a private link will be emailed to everyone that has registered. You can also check to see if the instructional video for your event is available. We ask that you do not post these videos online.


How many rehearsals will there be?

Typically there are 2 rehearsals: One the night before, and then one on the morning of the event. There may be more, depending on the event.

You can always check the “Event Reveals” page to see the schedule of rehearsals for your event at


What if I can’t make the rehearsals?

Everyone must attend the rehearsal on the same day of the event and we HIGHLY encourage your participation in the rehearsal the night before. If you absolutely cannot make it the night before, you will not be excluded from dancing. For paid events, rehearsal is required to participate.


Can I arrive late to rehearsal on the day of the event?

While being late does not exclude you from the event, we do ask that you make every effort to arrive on time and ready to go, that way you don’t miss any important directions and information. If you know you can’t make it until the last hour of rehearsal, we ask that you know the dance to the best of your ability when you arrive.


What if I can’t print the forms or I forget them?

It helps us save time and resources when you bring your own copy, but we understand you might forget, so we will have limited copies on-site, just in case.


What is the time commitment?

A minimum of 3 hours, which includes check-in, rehearsal, and performance.

In addition to learning the dance at home, we ask that you attend the “day of” schedule at the very minimum. We also ask that you choose at least one additional rehearsal to make sure you really get the moves down. We understand that your time is valuable and life can get busy, so these additional rehearsals are not required, but highly encouraged.


What is a typical schedule on Flash Mob Day?

A general rule of thumb is that rehearsal will start 4 hrs prior to the event and will last for 3 hours. So, for example, a 2pm flash mob would have a 10am – 1pm check-in and rehearsal. The flash mob itself will usually only last about 4 minutes, and you are free to leave once it’s done. We often have to “hold” for unexpected things, but this is rarely more than 15-20 minutes.


Do you provide snacks or water?

We will provide water. We ask that you bring your own snacks, but if we are providing food, you’ll be the first to know.