Is FMA hiring?

We don’t currently have permanent positions open, but we are always looking for producers, dance teachers, and administrative staff in new cities. Send us an introduction letter detailing why you want to work for FMA, along with a current resume to


I want to volunteer with FMA. Do you offer Internships?

Absolutely! We are always looking for talented, positive, and passionate people to join our team! Send us an introduction letter detailing why you want to volunteer with FMA, along with a current resume, to


I want to produce my own flash mob – can FMA help me?

We LOVE helping create more JOY in the world. We do have to charge a small fee for these services, since we want to give you and your event our undivided, equal attention. Yes, this rate is negotiable.


Why are there no prices on your website?

Every one of our events is custom-tailored to our Sponsor’s vision. There is no way to put a set price on an event without knowing a few details first. Our Hire Us Form will help us get closer to a quote for you.


Will you put my event in your newsletter?

We never want to deny our FMA community the chance to Flash Mob! Your event must have the proper permits in place. If we can determine that your event will adhere to FMA’s standards of SAFE Joy Thru Surprise, we offer 2 recruitment packages:

1. OFFICIAL. This is an official FMA event. FMA will have at least one producer on-site, who will also attend a site survey/safety meeting, and FMA will handle recruitment, registration and communication with your Flash Mobbers. We expect that you will also recruit for your event, handle all event logistics including rehearsal, and all participants will register through our site.

2. ANNOUNCEMENT. This is NOT an official FMA event. We will post it on Facebook and Twitter, as well as include it in our newsletters up until the day of the event, but will not list it on our website. All event questions will be re-directed to you. We will also post updates as you release them.

Please fill out our HIRE US form on our website and we can discuss these options further.


How long does it usually take to produce a flash mob?

Normally we like to have at least a month to produce a flash mob. It can be done in less time, but we don’t recommend it. It can depend on the event, and many other factors, whether it can be done in less than a month.

We have produced a successful flash mob in 2 days. Just bragging.


Can I use the choreography in your videos to put on my own flash mob?

Thank you for asking! In most cases, we are able to grant permission to use our choreography. Please contact us at to talk about this. Please do not use our choreography without written permission from us.


I sell a service that I think FMA could benefit from. How do I introduce myself?

Please send us an email to with a brief description of your service and how you believe it could benefit us. If we have the need for your service, we will contact you. If it is a skill or talent you possess, please include a resume and photo.