Who We Are

Founded by Conroe Brooks and Staci Lawrence, Flash Mob America is an organization whose sole purpose is to create Joy thru Surprise. Flash Mobs are spontaneous public events, such as mass choreographed dances, that can begin with one person and grow to hundreds, then quickly disappear. By surprising an unsuspecting audience and capturing it all on camera, we celebrate, honor, and bring awareness to artists, charities, campaigns, and social causes. By creating a joyful community, we hope to inspire the world to come together as ONE.

Based in Los Angeles, we are a nationwide, full service Flash Mob production company with an extensive community of passionate Flash Mob enthusiasts from all over the country! With our incredibly talented staff of producers, filmmakers, photographers, and choreographers, we handle all aspects of Flash Mobbing including music rights acquisition, original song creation & choreography, extensive social networking & casting, and all filming and editing needs.

We have been defined as Flash Mob Experts, because of our ability to combine creative expression, viral marketing, ease of community organization, and most of all, our unwavering intent to hold true to the very nature of Flash Mobbing which is to give back to the community by bringing everyone closer together. FMA is committed to creating joyful experiences for everyone who participates in and witnesses our events.


In 2009, moved by Michael Jackson’s emotional memorial, Staci Lawrence and Conroe Brooks produced the first American tribute to the late King of Pop by recreating Sweden’s “Beat It” flash mob. The following month they again honored Jackson with a flash mob on what would have been his 51st birthday. And then the unexpected: Universal Music Group hired the team to produce a flash mob to surprise the late pop icon’s sister, Janet Jackson. The national attention spread like wild fire and Flash Mob America was born. Forging forward, Staci and Conroe – now recognized in the industry as the experts in the field – worked nonstop to grow Flash Mob America into a full-service flash-mob production company.


Conroe Brooks - Flash Mob America co-founder





About Conroe Brooks:

Raised in San Jose, California, Conroe’s dreams always involved the arts. At the age of 18, he sang in the R&B group Special Generation (the brainchild of MC Hammer). And at the age of 21, he relocated to Los Angeles where his first audition landed him the role of Sam Cooke in “Little Richard,” whose director Robert Townsend said to him: “I hired you because you had the spark in your eye.” Little did he know that spark would one day inspire so many.

From there, Conroe went on to star in the Showtime movie “2G’s & a Key” before working with the legendary director Garry Marshall in developing “Happy Days” the musical and ultimately landing roles in such television shows as “Heroes,” “24,” “FlashForward,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Unit” and “Will & Grace.”

A creative visionary, devout people person and master motivator, Conroe utilizes his passion for performing to create joy through surprise, ultimately empowering others to do their part in accomplishing the very nature of flash mobbing and a cause very close to his heart – giving back to the community.


Staci Lawrence





About Staci Lawrence:

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Staci has always been drawn to performing, creating, and producing. While attending Western Michigan University, she excelled in classical theatre and graduated summa cum laude, Phi Kappa Phi, as a Presidential Scholar.

After college, Staci moved to Los Angeles where she performed in, directed, and produced a number of projects. She’s since appeared on the big screen in “Fun with Dick & Jane,” starred as a recovering anorexic in the indie film “Disfigured” (nominated for a PRISM Award) and co-produced “The C-Word,” a weekly stand-up show at The World Famous Comedy Store. She most recently appeared on “The New Normal” and had a recurring role on NBC’s “1600 Penn.”

An ardent producer, driving creative force, and leader in the community, Staci utilizes her passion for dance and bringing people together to create joy through surprise, ultimately empowering others to do their part in accomplishing the very nature of flash mobbing – giving back. “That’s why Flash Mob America is such a dream come true,” says Staci. “Not only am I dancing again, but I also get to support so many worthwhile causes.”

Staci currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, their beautiful daughter, and their three Jack Russell Terriers.