Yahoo! Sports: Watch Anaheim Ducks Game Get Flash Mobbed

The Anaheim Ducks held their first “Social Media Night” on Wednesday, which we’re guessing involved anonymous trolling of the fan sitting next to you and cyber-stalking your ex in another section.

But it also featured something you can expect other teams to adopt, if they haven’t already: The in-game flash mob choreographed dance routine, from the cheap seats:

First off, major kudos for using “Harlem” by New Politics.

This dance freak out occurred during a break in the third period of the Ducks’ game against the Dallas Stars at Honda Center, and the reaction from the fans was overwhelming. The stunt was a production from Flash Mob America.

We saw a much larger version of this at a Vancouver Giants game recently, involving hundreds of school children. It’s really one of the less-offensive new fan traditions we’ve witnessed. Well, until a drunk dude in the 400 level decides to crowd surf.