A Short History Of Chicago

Chicago is a city that has grown to be one of the largest in the world and is easily one of the busiest cities as well. The city is a centralized location for train traffic, but also for the traffic of planes as well as the airport in Chicago is often viewed as one of the busiest in the land. With that being said, most people know about that, but do not know the history of Chicago as a city itself. Since that is the case here is a quick history of the city.

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable was one of the first settlers in the region. However, what is interesting is the fact that he arrived in the region when it was relatively unknown. This means that he arrived in the 1780s and he was one of the first people to settle on a farm here. What is even more interesting is the fact that he built his farm around the Chicago River towards the mouth of Lake Michigan. What is interesting is the fact that even back then the lake was going to play an important role in the region and help the community grow.

The region itself would not be given up by the Native American population until 1795 when they gave it up after losing a war. This was found in the Treaty of Greenville, which some people claim was unfavorable to the Native Americans, but at the same time helped to expand the country and the region that it was getting. Little did people know that this region would one day become one of the major cities with the development of canals connecting it to other locations in the country.

The Great Chicago Fire

We are going to fast forward some time to the time of the Great Chicago Fire. This would happen in 1871 and would end up destroying over half of the city. So it would be at this time that the city would have some problems and need to be reborn again for it to grow. However, because of the importance of the city as a transportation hub, it was able to recover from the fire. When it was being rebuilt it allowed the introduction of some of the modern codes and building styles of the time. So that is why some of the buildings look newer, but other buildings look older and more historical.

When you are learning about the history of Chicago – book here in school, you often are given the details of everything in depth. However, you need to realize this is often going to be a lot of details that you may not need to have. This is when you should know about the short history of Chicago. By knowing about the short history of the region, it is easy to see that transportation and ease of access to shipping traffic have helped to make Chicago into the city it is currently and why it continues to grow even more.

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