Booking FMA

Hello Again! Thank you for your interest in Flash Mob America. Whether you are looking to join us to dance, or hoping to hire us, we are grateful you’re here. At this time we are accepting Flash Mob gigs on …
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We Are Ready To Dance!

Hi FMA Friends! We’ve been getting lots of inquiries in our inbox ( and I just wanted to come over here to say YES we are ready to dance! We are re-doing this website, definitely time for an update, and …
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Let’s Dance Together Again!

STAY STRONG, STAY HOME! You might remember this dance from Denver in 2015 to celebrate their 25th Anniversary of Fisher House. Fisher House Foundation is a charity and foundation that builds comfort homes where military & veterans families can stay free …
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Thinking Of You – Join Us From Home!

ROSE’S DANCE   You might remember this dance from Minnesota. Fun Fact: She had her debut in Detroit at the 2012 Rose Awards! This dance is dedicated to my lifelong friend, Rose (yes really!) who is currently KICKING CANCER’S ASS! We …
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Congratulations Kardashian Flash Mobbers!

  As I watched the show tonight, I felt like a true MAMA BEAR —  the definition of “beaming with pride.” My face was warm with joy (and a few tears, I’ll admit it) as I watched our beloved Southern …
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Join Us For A Military Marriage Proposal!

We’re flash mobbing to surprise a Marine Corporal’s girlfriend on what will surely be one of the biggest surprises of her life! It’s always such a special honor to be a part of these personal moments. This is even MORE …
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  March 25th – Sunday – New York, NY Marriage Proposal Flash Mob – 6PM   Join Us In This EPIC Surprise Marriage Proposal! Incredible Dance Music, An Orchestra, A Huge Crowd, And LOVE TO LAST A LIFETIME!     …
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Join Us Now In D.C., Cali, Texas, and Massachusetts!

  August 20th – Saturday – Washington, D.C. Military Marriage Proposal Flash Mob – 2PM     Unprecedented access to an awesome venue and celebrating finding the love of your life. What could be better? Doing it for a longtime …
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Rainbow Logo Tee Fundraiser

FMA New Logo rainbow

  It’s easy to feel helpless when tragedies occur. Every day we are reminded that life is precious, short, and unpredictable. If you’re anything like me, you donate what you can, you post your support and share important articles on …
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New Videos and How You Can Help

NEW VIDEOS Rhea’s 18th Birthday Surprise SoHo, NY Caroline’s Flash Mob Grand Rapids, MI Romel & Evelyn’s Marriage Proposal Long Island City, NY *************************************** YOU CAN HELP This family from the FMA community is going thru the fight of their …
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