Can you put us in touch with Janet Jackson?

We cannot put you in touch with Janet Jackson.

Can you get a celebrity to appear at our event?

Honest answer? No. Will we try? Sure. Because we work in the entertainment industry ourselves, we understand the proper channels to go thru to inquire about a celebrity’s willingness, availability, and rates. We do not charge for this service because probably, they are not going to come. We’re sorry.

Will Howie Mandel be at my event?

We are not affiliated with that show Mobbed. We don’t know Howie Mandel. Sure, we know people that know him and Staci (I) heard his voice on a conference call once. He did not hear her (my) voice because I did not speak during that call.

Several of our flash mobbers appeared on the show, but no…he will not be at your event.