FMA on TV March 6th and How YOU Can Join Us Next Time!

Join us for the ULTIMATE Secret Prime Time Flash Mob Event!

This event is so Top Secret, we can’t EVER tell you what show it’s for and once you know, you can’t tell ANYONE until it airs two months later!

This is what we can tell you:
We are flashing mobbing an episode of a PRIME TIME NETWORK Reality Show.

The event takes place at an outdoor location in Los Angeles on March 21st and will air in early June.

We’re surprising the cast with a dance to a popular rap song.

This is the first time a flash mob has ever been done that is also surprising YOU – the Flash Mob Dancers!

Only serious flash mobbers need register. We need your commitment to make this thing HUGE! Let’s break our own record!

We need everyone to bring at LEAST one new flash mobber!
(if you can’t bring a friend that’s ok, we just ask that you TRY really hard and PROMOTE THIS LIKE CRAZY)

Here’s the Facebook event to share:

TO REGISTER, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. email

2. put PRIME TIME FLASH MOB in the subject line
(this is necessary because we have so many events going on right now and we want to make sure you get the right info)

3. Include the first and last name and the email address of anyone you are registering.


1pm – 4pm rehearsal (on-site – come when you can)
4:30 perform
repeat flash mob within an hour later
surprise element happens
we will be done by 7pm at the latest
(if you have to work or have a prior commitment, you do not need to stay for the entire time, but if you are free, we need you to stay! you will not be sorry!)

We’ll have one rehearsal on Sunday the 20th (during the day probably 12-2) so we can be sure that we are looking HOT for prime time TV!

The dance is super easy so no worries if you can’t make it.
Who’s In?
Tell your friends.

AND…don’t forget:

You can see us on the Season Finale of Kimora:Life in the Fab Lane Sunday March 6th on the Style Network and see her get mobbed!

Flash Mob America was asked to produce a flash mob for Kimora’s new line, KLS. Over 250 of you came out to dance with us!

The show documents our entire process so you’ll see our interviews, auditions, rehearsals, etc.

It’s going to be really fun.

The show airs 9/8c so check your local listings. (that’s 6pm in California!)

The episode is called DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT and will air multiple times:

See you on the Dance Floor!

We Love You Flash Mob Family!


thank you. =)