Man Surprises Wife with Birthday Flash Mob

By Kristen Keogh, FOX 10 News

PHOENIX – A Phoenix man wanted to make his new wife’s birthday a memorable one, so he hired a flash mob company.

They choreograph and produce real flash mobs — and take a look at what they pulled off in downtown Phoenix.

Dozens of people learned dance moves to perform for a woman they’ve never even met.

“I just want her to smile,” says Scott Jochim.

Jochim hired the company Flash Mob America to choreograph a dance to take place in downtown Phoenix on his wife Annee’s 30th birthday.

“She’s a true partner and if I can do for her what she does for me everyday and bring a bigger smile to her face today, that is fantastic for me,” he says.

“We’re calling it ‘Every Day I’m Shuffling’ so it’s going to be a lot of fun, we’re going to be dancing in the streets pretty much and having a party in the street,” says Tanya Kuhn.

Tanya Kuhn produces and teaches the moves for the flash mobs. The dancers she’s teaching are not professional. Anyone with any level of dance experience was invited to join the flash mob, so you never know who’s learned the moves.

“I know a lot of people that just saw it and say a flash mob looked so fun so they come out and do it.”

These performers have been practicing with a video of the moves for a week. Now it’s time for the real thing.

Kuhn dressed up as a homeless woman outside Orpheum Theater. When Jochim walked through the plaza and handed her money with Annee at his side, that was the cue.

The three minute performance left the birthday girl speechless, and Jochim got to see that smile he was hoping for.

“I’m totally overwhelmed I had absolutely zero idea that any of this was happening and I just want to cry,” laughs Annee.

It was a birthday celebration these sweethearts won’t forget anytime soon.

Jochim wouldn’t say how much he paid for the flash mob experience. He says it was “priceless.”

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