Staci Lawrence Flashes Us the 411 on Her Healthy Lifestyle

Imagine, you’re walking down the street, thinking over your worries of the day and suddenly the 10 strangers walking near you break into a choreographed song and dance, bringing an instant smile to your face and an immediate halt to your negative thoughts. When the performance is complete you stand thinking to yourself, “I wish I could thank someone for this.” Well now you can! If you have ever been lucky enough to witness a flash mob event, Staci Lawrence is the woman to thank. Lawrence co-founded Flash Mob America with Conroe Brooks for the sole purpose of bringing joy to those around her. When she’s not organizing a spontaneous burst of happiness, Staci is spending time with her family and like most moms, doing her very best to keep them happy and healthy.

SM: You’ve become an amazing inspiration for many mothers on “doing it all”. What advice do you have for busy moms in having a successful career while maintaining the role as wife and mother?

SL: “I have three rules I live by: #1 – Ask for Help. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You’re already Super Woman and you don’t get any points for spreading yourself so thin that you (and your family) suffer. #2 – Say no. You’re the only one that can set your boundaries. Let go of the ‘people pleaser’” role and spend your time only on projects and people that a) support your health and happiness, b) allow you more quality time with your family, and c) inspire your work. #3 – Be Present. I wish I could say ‘stop multi-tasking,’ but we all know that’s next to impossible. The next best thing is to ‘be where you are’ as often as you can. We have a rule in our home office that when our daughter comes into the room, we stop what we are doing and give her our full attention – no matter what. In addition, if we’re spending one-on-one time with her, the cell phones are put away. ‘No texting and driving’ is rule #1, but no ‘texting and playing’ is right up there with it.”

SM: How do you find time to eat well and workout with your busy schedule?

SL: “I treat my ‘me’ time the same way I would a business meeting. I literally schedule it on the calendar, and then I send an email invitation to our entire staff so I’m accountable for it. If they show up to work and I’m not at yoga, I have to answer to them. I’m fortunate that everyone who works with us enjoys eating well too, so we help each other by doing meal planning as a team. One trick that I find really helps is that grocery store trips aren’t complete until the veggies are washed, cut, and stored in the fridge. That way it never takes more than a minute to throw together a healthy salad.”

SM: Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

SL: “I’m excited to go home to Detroit this summer and flash mob an awards show. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel back home for work – and I have so much love and respect for the people in the city. They’re proud, hard-working folks and the city is electric. Detroit gets a bad rap, but it’s a magical place to me. The story of my family is there.” 

SM: What fitness, food, or health/beauty products are you loving right now?

SL: “The first thing I reach for when I get out of the shower is Trina Renea Skincare’s Moisture Boost. It’s a Red Tea Hydrating Serum that is just luscious. Red Tea is a really potent antioxidant (50 times greater than Green Tea!) and it’s just a great big drink for your skin. I love the way I feel after I use it. Trina is also a mom who “does it all.” You can find it at”

SM: Out of all your personal and professional achievements, what has been the most shocking or exciting endeavor you’ve experienced?

SL: “Flash Mob America is by far the most shocking experience of my life. For years I have tried to break through in my acting career, and most of the time I just feel invisible in the industry. Then we put together a little Michael Jackson tribute – just for the pure joy of it – and not only has it defined a chapter of our lives, but it’s given us worldwide visibility. I absolutely love the community of people who have come together through FMA, and every day I am grateful for them.”  

SM: What keeps you motivated to maintain your fit lifestyle? What gets you through those bad days we all have?

SL: “My family, hands down. I want to be here for them, and inspire them to be their best selves for as long as I can. Being a role model to my daughter is what drives me. What really gets me through the more challenging days is just getting out of my own way and being honest about what I’m struggling with. Once I say it out loud and talk it out a bit, I realize it sounds silly, I’ve wasted more energy avoiding it, and it’s time to get going.”

SM: What is the craziest, fad diet you’ve ever tried?

SL: “I was vegan for 12 years, but I wasn’t a quinoa-salad-and-beet-juice type of vegan. I was the “hey onion rings are vegan” kind of girl, and I just couldn’t sustain that. My husband did a ‘no carbs or sugar’ thing a few years back and I realized that was all I was eating. It was time for a change.”

SM: What is your favorite healthy meal?

SL: “Kale salad, salmon (lemon, pepper, garlic, and mustard is my go-to marinade) and garlic mashed potatoes. Wait? Are mashed potatoes not healthy? Because I love them! I hope they never come out with a study that says mustard is bad for you, because I put it on everything.”

SM: In one sentence, what advice do you have for women to push through all the roadblocks, excuses, and external factors and become their best self? 

SL: “First, stop being so hard on yourself. We get so stuck in the story of how hard it’s been and how long it’s taking to get there, but if we can stay present and trust that where we are right now is the most important step in our journey, the road doesn’t seem so long.”  

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