Well Kept Wallet: Staci Lawrence From Flash Mob America Shares Her Story

Staci Lawrence is the co-founder of Flash Mob America along with Conroe Brooks. In 2009, Staci and Conroe were so moved by Michael Jackson’s emotional memorial that they produced the first American tribute to the late King of Pop by recreating Sweden’s “Beat It” flash mob. The following month they again honored Jackson with a flash mob on what would have been his 51st birthday. And then the unexpected happened. Universal Music Group hired them to produce a flash mob to surprise the late pop icon’s sister, Janet Jackson. They soon realized that  they needed to turn this passion into a business.

Career: Actress, Producer, & Co-Founder of Flash Mob America (See IMDB profile)

Previous Employment: Personal/Executive Assistant

Average Day

Flash Mob America does events all over the country and so far they have done over 200 Flash Mobs. Every day they are working on multiple events. Every 30 minutes they are on the phone with a new person who is interested in sponsoring a flash mob. In between the calls they are producing events and working on recruiting new people to be involved in the flash mobs. In addition, they are working with a choreographer, writing original music, and holding rehearsals for flash mobs.

How She Got Started

Staci began organizing flash mobs for fun. She organized a tribute to Micheal Jackson in July of 2009 right after he had passed away and formed the company in November of 2009. Currently she has a pre-production staff of four and has production staff all over the country including DJ’s, photographers, choreographers, etc.

Hardest Part About What She Does

Staci says that the hardest part is being at peace with the fact that you never know how many people are going to show up, as well as meeting the sponsors expectations. She also notes that you can’t control people, 100 people may sign up and only 60 people show up. However, she has never had a flash mob that wasn’t successful because of the number of people.

Why She Loves What She Does

She loves producing Flash Mobs because it creates joy for so many people. The people that participate in the events do it for multiple reasons. Those reasons include: exercise or weight loss, bucket list, be brave and jump out of their shell, for the community and connecting with other people, but ultimately for creating joy for others.

How She Finds Clients

Staci has been fortunate to never have had to solicit to anyone. She had never intended to make it a business, but it became clear that she needed to because there was such a high demand. Everyone saw what they did for Michael Jackson and started following them online.

Jobs She Didn’t Enjoy

She worked as a personal/executive assistant where she was always accomplishing other people’s goals.

“I’m spending so much time helping someone else move their life forward, I really wish I could spend time moving my life forward”

But it was a way to make money, it was a means to an end.

Her first major event was surprising Janet Jackson to celebrate her #1 one album with all of her fans. She had to quit her job, she had no choice.

“We now have assistants to help us move our lives forward and it’s just a really cool full-circle moment”

How Long It Took To Make A Livable Wage Doing Flash Mobs

It was slow at first. A former client would call and ask if she was available and she would take 2 days off to go work for him just so she could make some extra money. She would also do little things here and there like babysit for someone just to make up for the gap. They have finally hit a stride now and can make it work.

Influential Person

She notes that Michael Jackson played a big part in her getting where she is today. His passing was the motivation behind doing the tribute, which led to doing the event for Janet Jackson, which led to having an international following. See the video below:

Other influential people include: Lawyers, business consultants, publicists, and life coaches as she was able to get their insight when she had to make a tough decision. She also mentioned that she has a great husband, great family, and great nannies. She was so thankful for everyone who has been helpful to make this possible.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Find people who are in expert in the field that you are interested in and ask them for their advise. People want to share their expertise and they want to encourage entrepreneurs along their journey.

“You’re smarter than me in this area and I need your help”


Pursue similar businesses like TV production or theater production, stage director or stage Manager, Social Media Director, use social media to grow your business.

Contact Flash Mob America as they can always use Producers around the country.

Tips To Find A Job You Love

Know what your good at and don’t deny it. Know what your strengths are.

Save contact information for everyone you meet. Flash Mob America happened and she needed to reach out to every person she had ever met to help grow the community.

“You’re not always in control of what you are meant to do”

How to get in touch with Staci



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